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Helios is the first P2P lending and alternative finance platform designed for Sri Lankans using the Blockchain which are linked and secured using cryptography. We connect investors with borrowers and allow both to obtain competitive interest rates compared to the market to finance needs such as credit card refinancing, debt consolidation, education loans etc. The blockchain is used for storing the contracts between investors and borrowers. When borrowers connect with us we segment the customers according to their demographics and the Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation provided by them and onboard them on the platform depending on whether they meet our minimum borrower criterion. The typical process will take 2-3 days.

The segmented borrowers are assigned risk adjusted interest rates depending on their credit score and registered investors can view borrower details such as loan purpose, loan duration and loan amount etc. Helios will manage the collections on behalf of the investor for the loan duration. In the case of default, we will also provide the investor the ability to proceed with debt recovery or debt refactoring through our platform. Typically, an investor would invest across different segments to diversify their risk similar to any investment portfolio. Helios will be charging an origination fee for processing the loan from the borrower.

There are currently no significant players in the market like ours which open the consumer credit industry to individual investor and our closest competitors could be identified as banks and financial institutions in Sri Lanka. Our competition currently would include banks and financial institutions in the sense these are alternate platforms for investors, however our platform would provide attractive to investors who diversify their risk as well as for borrowers. Compared globally we are somewhat similar to Lending Club in the US and Yirendai in China. Also, as far as to our knowledge we are the first P2P platform to utilize the blockchain in the world.

We identified the potential for the product after we came up with the blockchain concept for the John Keells X Innovation Challenge and were validating our business hypotheses through verbal interviews and questionnaires.

Our Team

The three founders started Helios® in 2018, and it continues to grow on its journey as the only peer to peer financial platform in Sri Lanka.

team member

Shanaka Perera

MSc (Warwick, UK), BSc (Colombo)

team member

Nuzhi Meyen

MSc (Moratuwa), BSc (Colombo),CIMA Passed Finalist

team member

Milad Mubarak
Chief Technical officer

MBA (Colombo), MSc IS, BSc IT & PMP



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